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Maverick Innovation Challenge

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The Maverick Innovation Challenge (MIC) is a unique challenge series that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and solve challenges related to MNCs, governments, SMEs, and the UN's SDGs.

From 1st of July 2023, challenges will be announced to innovators in the 7 emirates. Participants come together, form teams to hack these challenges and find solutions.

The challenges are designed to push participants out of their comfort zones, inspire them to think critically and creatively, and come up with feasible, scalable, and impactful solutions. The challenges are not just theoretical problems but are grounded in real-world issues that need to be addressed, making MIC a platform for participants to contribute to meaningful change.

Participants get exclusive access to subject matter experts, mentors from across the 7 emirates until applications close on 21st August 2023.

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The Mission Behind MIC

The Maverick Innovation Challenge is focused on solving challenges, and bringing together the game-changers of tomorrow. We're focused on creating ethical solutions that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our 3 pillars

When the power of people & innovation meet, there creativity takes its first steps.

Through Maverick Innovation Challenge, we want to bring together governments, MNCs and creators and create an equal platform for all.

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Real-world Problems

Real challenges by MNC, Government & SME - all on one stage

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People Power

Optimize the power of people & community

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Biz of Tomorrow

Futuristic solutions to today's business problems









The Tracks

MIC offers participants the flexibility to focus on areas that align with their interests and expertise while contributing to the event's broader mission.


In the Sustainability track, participants will work towards developing innovative solutions that promote sustainable development and create positive environmental and social impacts.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI track focuses on developing innovative solutions that leverage AI technologies to solve problems related to MNCs, governments, and SMEs.


The Fintech track focuses on solving financial technology challenges to promote financial inclusion, improve financial policies and regulations, and empower individuals with better access to financial services.

Web 3.0

In the Web 3.0 track, participant can develop new solutions that leverage blockchain-based smart contracts & decentralized web protocols to create innovative decentralized applications and services.

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Conference Speakers

Naomi Dsouza

CEO @ xNDigitize

ex- IBM

Content Creator & Influencer

Bruno Bianchini

  • Sustainability Professional
  • Student of Sustainability at Harvard University
  • Head of Google Partnerships at Google MENA

Sandhya Dmello

  • SDGs Crusader
  • 18 years of experience in Journalism at Khaleej Times
  • Startup Mentor & Advisor

Faisal Sajwani

Managing Partner at MS Consulting

Advisory Board Member at Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum

Workshops & networking

JULY to Aug 2023

The Timeline

Important dates to keep in mind. Sign up & get regular updates on our Discord.

Pitch Day & conference

25 Aug 2023

Shortlist Announcement

23 Aug 2023

Applications open

1st JULY 2023

Applications close

21 Aug 2023

Starting July 2023, participants can start registering to be a part of the MIC community. Once the registration process is complete, they're all set to ideate & solve the challenges

From July until the close of applications, participants can take advantage of the community events, workshops & networking nights that will take place in person & virtually. Individual innovators are encouraged to forms teams of 3 or more before applications close.

Before August 2023, applicants are encouraged to submit their solutions to the challenges. You can re-submit the solution and make changes to your application before the applications close.

Shortlist of the top 5 partiicipants is announced. These shortlisted winners will then prep to pitch in front of VCs, judges & the challengers on Pitch Day

The pitch day will be a day long conference with panels & workshops on the tracks. This event is open to all participants.

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How is MIC different?


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AMAs &


Participants will have access to a series of workshops & trainings by experts

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Throughout the course of the hackathon, participants can build teams from the discord community & collaborate

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Each Participant gets a unique NFT that functions as a ticket to the actual demo day.

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& network

MIC is structured to attract the best tech talent there is in the UAE, all under one app

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All participants & challengers get exclusive access to a central app which tracks progress in real time

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& opportunities

The participants stand a chance to win prize money and/or opportunities with the challengers in the form of direct contracts!

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Registration Requirements

If You're applying as an Single Individual

  • If you're registering as an single individual, you are encouraged to form your own team during the duration of MIC of not less than 3 people by taking advantage of the networking events & the Discord community

If You're applying as an existing startup, SME or Team

  • All participants must be above 15 years of age
  • All participants must be residing in the MENA region
  • If your team is selected in the shortlist to pitch, you must be physically present at the venue

Our partners

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The maverick innovation challenge is organised by Kregzo Ventures