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The FinTech Track

The Fintech track focuses on solving financial technology challenges to promote financial inclusion, improve financial policies and regulations, and empower individuals with better access to financial services.

Registrations are closed

FIntech Challenge #1

Green Circle


Limited Financial Education

& Literacy in the UAE

Challenge Mission:

In this challenge, participants are tasked with creating digital tools and platforms to improve financial education and literacy in the GCC region. This could involve developing interactive mobile apps or web-based platforms that provide educational resources, budgeting tools, and personalized financial advice.

Participants may also consider incorporating gamification elements to engage users and make financial learning more enjoyable.

The aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions and promote financial well-being in the region.


  • Cash Prizes upto AED 2,000
  • 1st place Certificate

The Challenge:

Build a Fintech app that helps people in the UAE do any 1 of the following actions :

  • Trade Stocks with AI Predictions
  • Easy Peer to Peer Payments with NFC & Link Sharing
  • Get personalized stock investment advice based on financial goals

Submission Method:

  • Shortlist : Participants must submit a fully-functional app prototype showing the successful execution of any 1 of the chosen actions.
  • Finale : In-person pitch with ready app prototype

What the prototype must have:

  • Successful execution of the selected action
  • UI/UX Friendliness
  • Creative engagement (for eg : Duolingo, Fitze)

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If You're applying as an Single Individual

  • If you're registering as an single individual, you are encouraged to form your own team during the duration of MIC of not less than 3 people by taking advantage of the networking events & the Discord community

If You're applying as an existing startup, SME or Team

  • All participants must be above 15 years of age
  • All participants must be residing in the MENA region and should be willing to travel to the UAE if shortlisted.
  • If your team is selected in the shortlist to pitch, you must be physically present at the venue

Application Criteria

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Who can participate in Maverick Innovation Challenge?

Web Develop

Software Developers

Do you have experience in developing mind-blowing technology? Challenge your limits and explore your skill level!

Individual Innovators

Solo Creatives, Innovators, the round pegs in square holes - join a team or make one. Challenges are more fun together.

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Have an existing solution that will solve the challenge? Show us what you've got!


Creativity >>> everything else. Keep those books aside, and put your skills to the test in real life.

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Workshops & networking

JULY - AUG 2023

Challenge Announcement

27th July 2023

Shortlist Announcement

23rd Aug 2023

The Timeline

Important details & dates to remember.

Applications close

21st Aug 2023

Pitch Day

25th Aug 2023

All Challenges are announced on the 27th of July 2023, and participants who have pre-registered will be added to a discord community to form their teams and network with other participants.

All registered participants get first access to the workshops & training which will be held in in-person in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, or online. These workshops enable you to get trained in complex systems by experts

All registrations & applications will close on the 21st Aug 2023. Participants have to submit their solutions in the shortlist format mentioned in each challenge. No solutions will be accepted post this date.

The submitted challenges go to the Challengers for shortlisting and the shortlist is announced on 23rd August. The shortlisted candidates must then prepare their Finale submissions as per the format mentioned in each challenge

The Pitch Day will be held in-person at Emirates Towers, Dubai. All Finalists are expected to prepare the finale presentations in the format as per their challenge.

There will only be 1 winner per track.

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EMail : with the subject line:

"FIntech Challenge"


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The maverick innovation challenge is organised by Kregzo Ventures